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Charter Fishing in Alaska

Charter Fishing

For that authentic Alaskan experience, nothing beats a HiTime fishing charter. An experienced angler himself, Captain Bonfils knows all the best spots. Included with all fishing charters are the use of rod and reel, all terminal tackle, and appropriate bait. Fishing licenses may be purchased on board the vessel.


The Pacific halibut is probably the second most sought after species by salt water anglers in Alaska. These mighty bottom feeding fish become a culinary delight on any table, prepared many different ways, because of their white, flaky meat. Halibut fishing is best during late spring through the summer months. Coaxing one of these tasty monsters of the deep up from the bottom can be a real chore... but the results are worth the battle!

The Halibut regulations changed in 2011 requiring all Captains taking clients fishing for Halibut in Alaskan Waters to have a permit issued by N.O.A.A., National Oceanic and Atmosphere Agency. NOAA changes the limits and the size that anglers are allowed to retain each year. Captain Mike will let you know what the regulations are for the season that you are fishing.

Most of the Halibut that are over 100 pounds are considered to be Females and the new regulations require us to release these fish. Halibut over 300 pounds are rare in our area, these fish are over 80 inches and NOAA has been letting us keep these fish. It is our opinion that the areas where lodges catch these giant fish often advertize that they catch fish this size often and use pictures to lure anglers to come and catch one. When fishing with Captain Mike, he encourages all our clients to take all the pictures they want of their catch but recommends that all fish over 200 pounds be released as they normally are not that great to eat.


For many anglers, the Chinook, or king salmon, is the prize catch in Alaska. In the waters of the Inside Passage, the average Chinook salmon is 12 to 18 pounds, although fish in the 35 to 40 pound range are not uncommon. Coho (silver) and pink (humpy) salmon are also commonly caught on sport tackle. When the silvers are running they can provide a very exciting day of fishing. Silvers generally run in the 8 to 12 pound range but can be in excess 20 pounds. Fresh, wild caught salmon can be vacuum packed and frozen for our guests to take home.