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Sightseeing in Alaska

Sightseeing & Photography

Panoramic landscapes, picturesque towns, and a plethora of flora and fauna: the scenery and wildlife of Alaska's Inside Passage are truly spectacular. For this reason, HiTime Charters offers half day and full day sightseeing tours. It is not unusual to see humpbacks and orcas, sea lions, dall porpoises and dolphins, and bald eagles all set against the scenic snow-capped peaks, meandering glaciers, and pristine wilderness of Southeast Alaska.

Photographic opportunities abound for amatuer and professional photographers alike with a HiTime Charters' photographic and wildlife excursion. For a full 8 hour charter, Captain Bonfils will take you to areas specific to wildlife viewing that are sure to delight and keep your camera clicking.

Whether to capture the natural beauty of the area on camera or just to take in the sights with family and friends, HiTime Charters is here to make sure you can appreciate all that Alaska's coastal treasures have to offer. This is sightseeing in Southeast Alaska at its best!