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Whale Watching in Alaska

Whale Watching

June through September is prime time for spotting the magnificent humpback whales of Alaska. After migrating south for the winter, humpback whales return to the cool, clean waters of Southeast Alaska to feed on krill, herring, sardines, and other small fish. Although adults can weigh up to 40 tons, they are frequently seen breeching (jumping out of the water), tail lobbing (raising their fluke in the air and then slapping it down), or swimming on their backs with their flippers in the air. Observing the incredible displays of this endangered species combined with the knowledge imparted by Captain Bonfils makes this an especially memorable Alaskan experience.

Another marine animal that enjoys the cool bays around Juneau is the Orca, or killer whale. Orcas are in fact not whales at all, but a species of porpoise. They are very social creatures, traveling in family groups called pods, and are best spotted from May to September.

Scenes of massive humpbacks and striking orcas along the picturesque Alaskan coast provide some of the most amazing photographic opportunities in the world. The following photo gallery is but a handful of the breathtaking shots Captain Wisner has been able to capture with her Nikon D40X. On a tour with HiTime Charters, your own photo opportunities are sure to abound.